Through our Energy Monitoring System called MinEnergi2 we collect, validate, analyse and visualise energy data from our customers’ facilities

Energy Efficiency as a Differentiator

Power and energy consumption are core areas in the green transition. The shift from black to green energy sources is important, but it also takes time. So while we wait, it is equally important to look at our behavior in energy consumption. Properties account for 40% of our total energy consumption and CO2 emissions. With energy technology, consumption in, for example, a manufacturing company, a retail chain or a municipality’s building stock can be reduced by up to 20-30%.

Your contribution to the future starts here.

All companies have a savings potential
– so what is yours?

Digital Energy Management is driven by monitoring of the company’s property portfolio. With MinEnergi2 you can start working actively with energy efficiency in your buildings, based on data for your energy consumption. Streamlining your consumption across electricity, water and heat gives you immediate savings in cost, money you can spend on climate optimizing your buildings, investing in green energy, or other good causes within your company.

At the same time, the system automatically allocates the CO2 emissions from your energy consumption into scopes according to the “Greenhouse Gas Protocol”, which is one of the leading standards for calculating climate pressure. With one click only, you have your Climate Accounting. But there is more good news. An investment in an energy monitoring system like MinEnergi2 will typically pay for itself during the first year.

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A modern Platform for Digital Energy Management
– built for Energy Efficiency

EnergiData has developed an efficient Energy Management tool, MinEnergi2, a flexible software platform,providing you with the full overview of your energy consumption within both electricity, water and heat. With transparency in your consumption, you can streamline consumption and reduce it by up to 30%. An investment that pays off in fewer costs, reduced CO2 emissions, and less resource spent in ESG reporting and climate accounting.

With MinEnergi2 for energy monitoring, in addition to monitoring energy consumption, you can enter key figures, accounts and be alerted in case of unusual consumption. All with the aim of creating energy optimization in your buildings.

MinEnergi2 Software

Through our Energy Management System called MinEnergi2 we collect, validate, analyse and visualise energy data from our customers’ facilities.

Data acquisition

The success of our platform is based on our ability to integrate data streams from a variety of data collection systems, files and repositories.



MinEnergi2 was the first digital energy management system in Denmark – created with the ambition of controlling and providing an overview of the combined consumption of power, water, heating and gas.

MinEnergi2 is a user-friendly Software-as-a-Service based system, enabling any administrator of a mixed building portfolio to monitor and visualise energy consumption, follow their CO2 footprint from energy consumption, analyse energy data, act on alerts and findings, and share and report key data to other stakeholders.

En del af OK

EnergiData er ejet af energiselskabet OK, og har været det siden 2008. Ligeledes er Kamstrup 100 % ejet af energiselskabet OK, hvilket gør dem til et søsterselskab til os. Vi har hovedkontor i Køge, en afdeling i Viby J. samt et kontor i Tyskland.

Vi er en målrettet virksomhed bestående af et energisk team på 30 medarbejdere, som arbejder tæt sammen i et uhøjtideligt miljø med kunden i fokus

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